A downloadable game for Windows

Neon Palace is a shooter in 3D made with Unity. 🎲

It's one of my first jam games and our group had to deal with the constraint "First view and third view game". I was in charge of the game and level design, so we had the idea of a shooter viewed from the top, but when you pick a specific item, you pass into a first person view. ⏱️🎥

When you're in third view mode, you're being hunted by evil robots and can't do anything, but when you're in first view, you can shoot them !
So let's go and shoot those robots ! 🤖🔫

Install instructions

 1 - Download the file 📥 

2 - Extract Neon Palace.rar 📚

3 - Run "Néon Palace1.2.exe" 🛠️

4 - Press "START" and play ! 🎮


Néon palace.rar 69 MB


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